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What is PPC?

So, Google Ads is a type of PPC service. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which is literally what it says on the tin; you pay, for clicks.

It’s an effective way to get your business in front of your target audience immediately. There is one catch though – it comes at a small cost, per click.

Typically, Pay Per Click can set you back between 50p upwards per click, but those results can be priceless once the conversions start rolling in.

Effective PPC for your business.

Pay Per Click is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for any sized business. It gets your ads in front of your target audience for the keywords they’re searching for.

PPC is extremely trackable, and you can track the entire process from searching to conversion, all through the power of Google – namely Google Analytics. This means it’s easy to track your Google Ads profitability.

Pay Per Click can span across multiple channels, including text-based, display, video and shopping.

Our Service...
Keyword Research
Data-driven PPC
Full Visibility Of Ads
Targeted Advertising
Easy To Track Data
Bespoke PPC Campaigns

PPC delivered at exceptional speed and service.

Our PPC campaigns all start at the beginning. Planning. We carefully research your business and ready-available data (if possible!) and put that research into practice with valuable keyword research.

We then tailor your ads to suit your target audience, from tone of voice through to landing age design, to ensure you get the best click through rate and generate quality conversions.

We then review your Google Ads regularly, and optimise them to maximise the performance, whether that’s a change in target audience or your industry changing as a whole.


Every SEO campaign is different, no two businesses are the same and one solution won’t and can’t fit all. Our SEO camapigns, whether Local SEO or National SEO, are handled by SEO specialists located in Derby. We provide a bespoke SEO quotation and a completely bespoke SEO service, based around the requirements of your business.

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