Facebook Advertising – How To Win With Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising – How To Win With Facebook Ads

In the world of marketing, Facebook advertising (Facebook Ads) and Instagram advertising could be classed as the most underpriced attention, and we’re ignoring it because we think “it doesn’t work for my business”.

We visit a variety of businesses every week giving free digital marketing consultations (contact us here if you’d like one!). It appears that in every consultation, the business admits to spending money on marketing strategies that would make you believe it’s 2005. It’s crazy to believe in 2018 we were still spending £5.4bn a year on TV advertising and as for small businesses that can’t afford TV advertising, well they’re still wasting thousands on print advertising in hope that somebody finds the magazine, goes to page 143, falls in love with their product because of the full page ad and buys it.

Consumer behaviour changed a long time ago, we no longer read print magazines like we used to, we no longer consume content like we used to. Our actions are changing at an alarming rate, and if we don’t adapt then our businesses will be crushed by a competitor who leaves his emotions at home. A global pandemic in the form of COVID-19 forced many businesses to enter a digital age for the first time.

We’re not saying print advertising doesn’t work, we’re saying it’s not worth the money. Regardless as to our opinions on social media, even though we may think it’s ruining the way we communicate and people spend too much time using it, I’m asking you for the sake of your business, stop making business decisions based on your personal emotions.

“Facebook Advertising Doesn’t Work For Me”

Ahh, “Facebook ads don’t work for me“, our favourite sentence to hear. Have you tried them? By tried them, I don’t mean boosted a post for £2-3 and waited for your business to triple it’s turnover for the year. The truth is, Facebook ads work for every business… if you do them right. There’s two significant factors that decides the success of your Facebook advertising campaign, it’s the maths side, also known as targeting, and it’s the creative side. You can have the most engaging, eye-catching advertising campaign Facebook has ever seen for your pensioners holiday business, but what use is it when it’s only appearing on the Facebook feed of 18-25 year olds.

How To Get The Most From Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising isn’t actually that difficult to do… once you know what you’re doing. Let’s start with the design. You’ve heard of Slack right? The team chat app that allows you to communicate with your colleagues and not have to book 57 meetings just to get one thing signed off?

Facebook Advertising Slack Ad


Slack have got many things correct with this advertising campaign, not just their targeting as it did end up on my timeline, but with the design. They’ve acknowledged how much we all hate sitting through pointless meetings, the design imagery makes you think of freedom, relaxation. Slack have complimented the graphic with a simple bit of text in the Facebook Ad. This text reads “What it feels like to sit in 25% fewer meetings. They’ve hit somebody with emotion and that is powerful.

The text underneath the advert is also very clever, reading “Make Work Better”. Isn’t that something we’re always striving to achieve? A better workplace? It finishes by saying exactly what slack does, “slack brings all your communication together in one place. That equals fewer meetings right?

What can I learn from this Facebook Advert?

  • Be creative with your campaign, play on emotion if you can. You need to think, how will this make Facebook Ad make my customers feel? (We recommend avoiding topics people may be offended by).
  • Try and get your message across as quickly as possible. Snappy tag-lines work well. Can you think of one for your business?

Let’s look at a different advert, one by a company who’s marketing very well in recent years, Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club is already solving a problem we all have, and that’s having to take a mortgage out every time we need a new razor. This industry is brilliant for Facebook advertising campaigns, you have the ability to target a wide demographic and be very very creative.

We often see couples tagging each other in “his and hers” content on Facebook and Dollar Shave Club maximised this trend for one of their Facebook marketing campaigns.


Facebook Ads Campaign by Dollar Shave Club


One of the most valuable assets we all have is time. If somebody could sell time, they’d be a millionaire. Dollar Shave Club have been very clever in producing an advertising campaign that fits a very wide demographic and targeted both male and females without siding with either.

Another clever strategy used in this Facebook ads campaign is it takes a subtle swipe at other shaving brands. “Gillette, the best a man can get”, well not with Dollar Shave Club.

What can I learn from this Facebook Ads campaign?

  • Leveraging your brand values can be a major selling point and key differentiator in your industry.
  • Research and develop your targeting within Facebook Ads manager. Is there a way to promote to an even wider audience? You may have to re-consider design for this)

Targeting the right demographics with Facebook Ads

Now you’ve got your Facebook advertising graphics ready, it’s time to get down to the maths side of things. Facebook knows a lot more about us than we think, some may say too much. I mean, Mark Zuckerberg had to answer to courts as to how much data Facebook actually has on us and how it’s being used!

You can target people very strategically, taken into consideration their age, wealth, buying behaviours, hobbies and activities and even relationship statuses. They used to allow you to target employees of particular companies but unfortunately due to Cambridge Analytica, that option was removed. Dam you Facebook!

We recommend spending as much time to learn as much about your target demographic as possible. Both design & targeting can make or break your facebook ad campaign so try your best to nail them both.


Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads) Is The Best Deal In Marketing

Once you’ve mastered the art of Facebook ads, you’ll see how low the CPA’s are. You can get in front of a thousand people for a just a few pounds. Literally cheaper than that fancy cup of coffee you had on the way into the office this morning. The price you pay for results on Facebook compared to results in magazines, TV commercials and other forms of marketing, you’ll agree with us that Facebook Advertising is by far the best deal in marketing in 2020. With big companies reducing ad spend due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even easier for smaller businesses to harness this attention. As soon as other people realise this and the likes of Mercedes Benz, Coca Cola and McDonalds start pumping what they should into Facebook ads, you’ll have to say goodbye to the underpriced attention and start paying what it’s actually worth.

Need a hand with Facebook Ads?

If you need help with anything to do with Facebook Ads or Digital Marketing in general, you can contact us by checking out our contact us page and drop us a line. We’re more than happy to assist.

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